Glasshouse Glass

Hortiglaze supply and fit commercial glasshouse and domestic greenhouse glass. We always have a large selection of quality used glass in stock and is generally available in two sizes, although we can expertly cut any glass to size to suit your individual requirements.

The most widely used glass is called Horticultural Float Glass and we find our customers tend to lean towards used glass as a way to assist in the ever-challenging practice of “waste not, want not” and the impact on the environmentally friendly attitude. As with all our products we offer excellent service throughout your purchase and offer an extremely efficient fitting service.

Current prices for Float Glass is:

1670mm x 730mm
4mm gauge
£7.00 + VAT per pane

610mm x 610mm
3mm gauge
£3.50 + VAT per pane

We also offer our customers the option of new glass panels – please call us on 01482 500415 for a free no-obligation quote our dedicated team will expertly assist you to achieve your requirements.

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Glasshouse Doors

Hortiglaze supply new doors to the commercial and domestic grower.
 Sliding doors are an economical option and are an ideal solution in order to facilitate easy entry and exit for crop transportation from within the structure.

They can also be used in-tandem, stacking behind each other offering an “open market” look with tracking at the top and bottom gliding easily to open and close.

The personal, single entry door is also available – perhaps the better option for our domestic growers – and is also available as the sliding door option.

The widely-chosen option of material is an aluminium casing but please call us on 01482 500415 to discuss any personal preference and alternative options.

Hortiglaze also offer a repair service to an existing door.


Hortiglaze provide a wide variety of Glasshouse services internationally.


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