Glasshouse Cleaning

At Hortiglaze we offer our customers the option of a full or partial clean for both inside and outside the glasshouse.

This service includes all mechanical driven equipment, such as ventilation systems, as well as the obvious glazed panels and structural supports. These cleaning facilities are imperative within the growing industry to rid the internal environment of any bacterial or fungal diseases which may be present and affords our customers the peace of mind that any crop is giving the best chance of survival without infestation.

The outside appearance of the glasshouse obviously benefits from cleaning to allow optimum light not been hampered by dirt and debris collection. Guttering is also fundamental to the structure and any debris and blockages should be removed on a regular basis. We recommend this is done on an annual basis at the most convenient time in the growing year when disruption is kept to a minimum.

All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

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Glasshouse Maintenance

We offer all our customers a maintenance package where our specialist teams ascertain the structural integrity of the glasshouse and glazing units along with any mechanical installations. We also check all guttering to ensure blockages are noted and cleared. This service is undertaken to satisfy our customers that nothing major should occur undermining their growing season.

We would usually recommend this to be carried out bi-annually (subject to area) as adverse weather conditions – either extreme heat or cold – can severely affect glasshouses. Should our team discover any minor or major defects during this inspection we provide you with a complete list of solutions and associated costings, priority given in descending order.

Again, we offer this service at a mutually convenient time so as not to impede in glasshouse horticultural production.


Glasshouse Repairs

At Hortiglaze we also offer our customers a repair service. This can include a replacement glazed panel to complete ventilation systems (subject to parts availability).

If your glasshouse is of a certain age this can be an on-going issue, but we undertake each repair project with as much thought and dedication given to a complete build – we aim to keep your business thriving with minimum disruption.

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All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.


Glasshouse Dismantling

Hortiglaze offer a complete glasshouse dismantling and removal from site service.

Our specialist teams attend the premises to undertake a risk assessment for safe dismantling and removal, we then provide you with a comprehensive report indicating our professional findings, thus preventing any unforeseen problems.

Once our customer has had the opportunity to peruse the document we liaise with any third parties who may be affected and arrange for the process to begin causing the least disruption and inconvenience to all concerned.


Glasshouse Extensions

At Hortiglaze we are delighted to be able to offer extensions to an existing structure. These can either be pre-owned or brand new. This option is also available to the users of polytunnels.

As with all our services our customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of any project we undertake – together we can ascertain the best approach to maximise your product growth. If it is decided to purchase a new extension we carry out the same on-site survey to fully comprehend what is trying to be achieved then offer you the solution.

Extensions to glasshouses seamlessly join together and it is a positive way forward to expand your business over a period of time thus keeping it affordable. If a pre-owned extension is the ideal way for you, the same attention to detail is always assured. Our pre-owned extensions are fully cleaned and sanitized, delivered on site with minimal disruption during the build.


Glasshouse Ground Works

An essential part of any project start with the foundations. Hortiglaze have experienced technical staff to ensure the correct groundworks are undertaken and completed to meet the criteria of the structure to be built upon them.

Once again, a site survey is carried out to ensure the continued stability and durability of the impending foundations thus giving you peace of mind that once the structure is in place there will be no underlying problems for the foreseeable future and you can look forward to many years of sustainable growing on solid foundations.


Glasshouse Complete Reglazing

Hortiglaze can partially or completely re-glaze any glasshouse.

This can be done using pre-owned glazing panels or new – depending on our clients’ budget – we strive to offer the best and long standing solutions to your requirements. We can offer toughened glass or polycarbonate and we can cut to any size required.

Re-glazing an existing structure is an ideal solution giving it a refreshing “face-lift” and again maximizes your growing season allowing our customers peace of mind.


Glasshouse Guttering

Another major aspect to all glasshouses are the gutters. These should obviously be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the continuous flow of rain water during adverse weather conditions.

We can offer aluminum or steel as a first choice but with many options available it would be prudent to ring Hortiglaze to discuss your requirements. We will provide you with the best solution.


Glasshouse Construction

Whether you have decided to enlarge your growing capacity or, indeed, are setting up a complete new project Hortiglaze is the place to advise and guide you through what could seem a daunting prospect.

From the first contact made to ourselves our dedicated and knowledgeable team will assist you every step of the way with technical specifications for groundworks through to installation and continued maintenance to enhance and continue productivity on a commercial of domestic scale.

Site surveys are undertaken to ascertain the best situation of your glasshouse and we work together throughout the process leaving you free to select and discuss further products to maximise potential.


Hortiglaze provide a wide variety of Glasshouse services internationally.


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