Venlo Commercial Glasshouses

At Hortiglaze we are delighted to offer our customers the Venlo commercial glasshouse range. These glasshouses are world renowned to be the most economical structure suited to the commercial grower for all crops and climate conditions.

The Venlo design is storm safe whilst the unique ventilation system is operated via a push-pull rail mechanism and boasts roof vents on either side of the ridge which are independently operated.

The Venlo is ideally suited to commercial vegetable producers as it has a high light transmission level, however it is still a popular choice with flower and potted plant growers.

A Venlo glasshouse is available as a free-standing structure or as a seamless extension to an existing framework even with differing height levels. Adding to an original complex proves to be more efficient as one exterior wall is eliminated resulting in lower heat loss.

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Widespan Glasshouses

These structures are particularly popular with garden centres.

We offer a site survey to understand your growing needs and advise you on the best glasshouse to achieve this. Working closely with detailed plans, together we supply you with all the options available so as you can make an informed choice.

These glasshouses offer twin peaks and floating gutters which increases the growing area as the centre row of posts are eliminated. Also, the use of rolling benches provides more square footage of usable areas without sacrificing ventilation.

Extra heavy trusses supporting the centre gutter make for ideal hanging basket lines and crop tying and easily supports any irrigation systems.

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Domestic Greenhouses

At Hortiglaze we offer domestic supply and build of glasshouses.

This can be from a reasonably small construction to a larger family sized structure. Our specialist and friendly team will make a site visit to understand what is to be achieved thus enabling us to advise accordingly to size and possible position of your new glasshouse.

In this day and age of self-sufficiency and organic products a glasshouse offers an ideal solution for an individual or a whole family to be involved. It also enables the younger family members to learn the process of cultivating and growing from seed germination to collecting the produce. An exciting hobby with fruitful outcomes!

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