Hortiglaze March 2021 Newsletter

Whilst the whole population has been going through some very difficult times, both financially and emotionally, businesses have had to make some hard decisions with staff furloughed and the ever-shrinking high street commercial shops and during this time Hortiglaze decided it was a good opportunity for a web-site “face-lift” and as such we are proud to present our new, responsive web-site.

Like all businesses, we have experienced some trying times throughout this on-going pandemic but fortunately, with the dedicated management and staff, we have continued to be a significant factor in the glasshouse industry – not only supplying new and pre-used structures but offering services such as glasshouse maintenance and cleaning along with pre-used replacement glass and doors both to the commercial sector and the domestic enthusiast.

We have found a large number of domestic users are either completely up-grading their existing facility or, indeed, starting-out with a completely new or used structure with the none other view of been somewhat self-sufficient with the growth of a variety of fruit and vegetables.

The commercial sector of our glasshouse company has proved to be a great asset to our customers with many businesses taking the opportunity to make the changes to their structures with either a full clean and general maintenance to an extension of their existing facilities to be able to continue to supply their customers with first class produce as we come to rely more on locally sourced produce with the exiting of the European Union.

We are all hopeful that as April 12th approaches we may finally see a slight return to “normality” although we will have to continue with the wearing of face coverings and hand sanitization and, of course, the vaccination programme will still be on-going but it does appear that we will have turned a corner towards a better future.

With that in mind, many of us are in need of a holiday – whether your option is to travel abroad (when allowed!!) or to explore our very own, beautiful country we feel certain that this in one of the main things people are longing for and as we continue to strive for some semblance of “normal” this will be a goal many of us wish to achieve!

I hope you have enjoyed reading our latest newsletter and thank you for doing so. We will be continuing with monthly news updates please sign up NOW to ensure you remain in the loop!

Please contact us on 01482 500415 or send us an e-mail to info@hortiglaze.com our team is waiting to assist you in all areas glasshouse related.

Stay safe and enjoy our new web-site!

The Hortiglaze Team

Hortiglaze provide a wide variety of commercial Glasshouse services internationally.


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